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Smarter innovation, smarter collaboration with Path by Simplex

Path by Simplex Financials

May 26, 2021

Smarter innovation, smarter collaboration with Path by Simplex
Webinar recording from 05/26/2021.

Join Robert J. Chandler and Richard Roppa-Roberts as they walk you through Path by Simplex and explain how Path can help you connect, collaborate, and grow through your company’s data story. Path allows you to take control of your data and use it the way you want to. Path also allows you to get your entire team on the same page, so you are focusing on the actions that make your business successful.

Robert J. Chandler
Mr. Chandler is recognized as a leader in small businesses and accounting technology field. As a pioneer and visionary, Rob quickly saw the need for cloud computing in the accounting vertical and was recognized as a Top Executive Leader by the CPA Practice Magazine, Cloud Computing Outlook and Firm of the Future
Richard Roppa-Roberts
Richard Roppa-Roberts is the Founder of Roundtable Labs and is the ProAdvisor Advisor at Quasar Cowboy. Richard offers executive and strategic coaching and business insights, sales guidance, and systems for accounting professionals. He is a forward-thinking problem solver, a technically minded marketer, and a highly sought-after business and solutions coach.

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